Butterfly World Outing

On the 30th May 2013, our grade two’s went on an educational outing to Butterfly world. It was an amazing and exciting experience for the learners, informative experience for the grade two educators and a scary experience for the parents.

The learners saw different types of insects, spiders, reptiles and animals like:

Tortoises, meerkats (also known as suricats), marmosets (which are small monkeys), cape, dwarf chameleons, spiders, cockroaches, iguanas, snakes, birds and parrots, blue duikers (also known as cephalopusmonticola), scorpions, guinea pigs, and butterflies.

The learners enjoyed an interesting and informative lesson about insects and spiders and the difference between the two.

The lady who gave the lesson told the learners to sing to the parrot and if he is in a good mood he will dance for them. The learners first sang “twinkle, twinkle, little star” and the parrot did not respond. They changed their song to “gangnam style” and the parrot started dancing. It was hilarious and most importantly the learners had a fun experience.