Staff Policy 2013

1. School starts at 7h50 - educators should be punctual and must have signed the register by the time the bell rings. Please comply with the implementation of the 10h00 rule for the Human Capital- Leave Management System. (HC-LMS)

2. All staff members must sign the staff attendance register in the foyer – staff members coming in late [late coming register] or leaving early [time-off register] must also complete the required registers. Please keep these up to date as they may be requested at any time.

3. In the event of unavoidable absence or late coming, it is the duty of the staff member to inform the principal [or the deputy if the principal cannot be reached] in good time so that the necessary arrangements can be made. The principal can be reached at the following numbers: 021 638 2398 [home] and/or 072 018 9440 [cell]. Leave a sms if he cannot be contacted verbally. The deputy can be contacted on her cell at 082 708 4542.

4. Staff members must report to the office after a period of absence or when late and     reporting for duty – collect and complete the necessary leave forms and complete the late-coming or the time-off register. [The secretary can also assist in this regard]. Leave forms are to be completed on the day of return and handed to the principal.

5. As far as possible, please arrange all appointments with doctors, lawyers, etc. For after school hours.[after three]

6. Staff members and not learners, are to collect their classroom keys at the office and will be held responsible for such keys. Staff members must please refrain from using learners to return keys to the office at the end of the school day. Teachers will be held responsible for their keys and will have to replace lost keys at their own cost.

7. Staff members on scholar patrol duty MUST PLEASE take up their positions at least 20min. [at 07h40] before the bell in the morning and 5 min. before the bell in the afternoon [at 14h25]. Foundation Phase learners leaving before 14h30 MUST be accompanied by the class teacher to the gate/s.

8. Staff on playground duty must please take up their positions, as indicated on the map, timeously and must be visible in the playground. If a member is on duty, he/she must obtain the principal’s permission to do anything else during that time.

9. The attendance of the staff members at all school functions will greatly enhance our chances of running successful functions. Members are therefore requested to please attend all of our functions. Please notify the principal timeously should you not be able to attend a particular function.

10. All staff members are expected to assist with the sporting activities and programmes of our school.

11. All official documents / documentation- registers, educator/ learner portfolios, macro/micro planning, record keeping books, statistics – must be kept up to date and available for inspection when requested and/ or handed in on set dates [refer to assessment policy].

12. Discipline must be maintained at all times and is not the prerogative of the principal or the SMT only. To this end members must please ensure that a list of class rules are clearly displayed in every class. Also appoint a class monitor. Classes must not be left unattended and learners must be supervised at all times. [Refer to code of conduct and safety policy]

13. No learner is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal. Staff members who allow/instruct learners to leave the school premises are acting contrary to this policy and must be prepared to face the consequences of such actions.[being charged with misconduct]

14. Learners must be accompanied by their educators when lining up for prayer in the morning; going to the toilets, computer lab, coming to assemblies and when leaving school in the afternoons [up to the gates].

15. All incidents of deviant behaviour must be noted on the learners’ disciplinary sheet and this sheet must accompany the learner when referred to the office [the pink and blue forms]. REMEMBER corporal punishment is not allowed [refer to circular 136/99].

16. Learners, who are injured in any way in the classroom or during play times, must be taken to the sickbay for treatment. Please complete the injury register and inform the principal a.s.a.p.  Parents must be informed. [refer to Safety Policy]. Please log  your call in the telephone register.

17. No water for tea, coffee, etc. should be fetched by the learners. Educators are to enjoy their drinks and snacks in the staff room and not in the kitchen. Teachers must please refrain from using the school feeding kitchen as a staffroom.

18. Foundation phase learners waiting on older siblings in the senior block must wait in their respective classrooms and must not be allowed to disturb the classes in the senior block.

19. Staff members must please complete their photo copying and duplicating before school, during the intervals and after school. Please ask Mrs. Van Harten to assist in this regard. The office secretary should not be used for this purpose.

20. All letters [correspondence] to parents must be counter-signed by the principal and a copy of such correspondence are to be kept on file at all times.

21. Staff meetings are compulsory for all staff members.

22. Cellular phones are to be switched OFF or to silent mode during staff meetings... PLEASE!!!!!!!

23. Time-off requests must be requested from the Principal before such time is required or by 08h30 on the day in question. Time-off is a concession and will only be granted if the normal running of the school is not impeded.

24. Class teachers must please ensure that ALL learners [families] complete and return the learner / family Information Sheet --- this must be forwarded to the office [in the class file] on or before the first Friday in the term.

25. Educators, please note that the use of abusive language and excessive shouting amounts to verbal and emotional abuse and can result in you being charged accordingly. Please refrain from doing this.         

26. Educators must mind what they say about colleagues and others within earshot of learners and parents.

27. NO learner may be put out of any class for any length of time. Unruly learners must be referred to the office. Please ensure that the necessary paper work is also sent with the learner to the office.   

28. The office Learner files must be completed and returned to the office by the first Friday of the term. Please ensure that the transport details of learners are reflected as the first page in the file. Learners must be listed alphabetically.

29. Please note that the TELEPHONE is to be used only when entirely necessary and your call time is recorded - [your code allows us to do this]. The Finance Committee will monitor the use of the telephone and teachers found to be abusing this privilege will be billed for private calls. Please record your school related calls.

30. Withdrawal of learners: Parents are to be informed in writing when learners are absent for THREE consecutive days. If a learner is absent for TEN consecutive days, the parents are informed that the child will be withdrawn from our computer data base. Teachers are to bring this to the attention of the school registrar, who will then with the help of the office secretary officially withdraw the learner. The secretary will write the word WITHDRAWN plus the DATE next to the learner’s name in the register. Teachers must not withdraw learners.

31. Pay-Day Time-off concession: Teachers will be allowed to leave at 14h30 [Monday to Thursday] and 13h20 on Friday on the allocated pay-dayOn condition that: 1) There are no meetings that require their attendance on the day, 2) Learners are safely seen off the premises and 3) There are no official documentation required of them.